Bakari Akil
Email: bakari@graveshallcap.com
Phone: (404) 987-0830

Bakari Akil is a businessman focused on sales. His first sales job was his first job, 10 years ago. Since then, he has created several million dollars in sales transactions - selling human resource software, construction products, and educational tools. Most of that has been for the benefit of other business owners and while his employment was rewarding, Bakari wants to create long term value through business ownership.

Five years ago, Bakari set up a business development firm to work with the management of small firms around New York City. Bakari solved various business challenges faced by small business owners ranging from defining their target audience for new products, hiring and training their salesforce, and creating their sales literature, funnels, and timelines all to grow their top-line revenue. Bakari believes recurring contract-based revenue is the most sustainable way to grow the sales of a company. That is why he helped these business owners convert their business models from one-time transactions to contract-based subscriptions. Bakari knows great companies are made up of intelligent and capable employees and is looking forward to buying, joining, and leading an effective business team as the next CEO of a small business.

-aside- While I have studied at great schools and sold products for quality companies, I'm not coming to meet you as the expert on your business. There won't be any MBA, double-speak, mumbo-jumbo in our conversations. 

Instead, I'm interested in learning how your business runs, meeting your employees, and understanding your customers so that you trust your legacy with me and enjoy retirement.