I will buy your business the same way you may have bought your home.
I will make a significant downpayment and borrow the rest.
This should not take more than 90 days.

My capital sources are the usual ones:



I'm the founder of the
Alternative Investments Club
 a small group of wealthy investors from investment funds and family offices. We've committed capital to acquire small businesses.

30% of Purchase Price



I met with commercial lenders at banks around New York who are excited to loan me the money to buy any profitable business with sales above $1M. The SBA will guarantee this loan. 

50% of Purchase Price


Seller Financing

I will offer you a fair price for your company. In exchange, I'll ask you to accept a short period of principal and interest payments to complete the sale.

20% of Purchase Price


 Our Timeline: 

Day 1: We'll start with an intro phone call to see if we like and trust each other. 

Day 3: We'll sign a non-disclosure agreement. I'll travel to your company for a tour. 

Day 5: You'll send over 3 years of financials for your business and I'll begin to draft an offer letter.

Day 10: You'll receive the offer letter from me. It'll be a really good offer.

Day 14: You'll sign the offer letter. Your attorneys and accountants will meet mine. They'll need a month. 

Day 45: Once our accountants and lawyers are happy, you'll receive a purchase agreement from me. 

Day 60: After you've reviewed the purchase agreement, we'll sign it and I'll pay you.