You made it.

You accomplished a goal that so many American business owners fail at every year. It's amazing feat and a testament to your courage and creativity. I want to keep your business running profitably into the future. 

Hats off to you for beating the odds

and accomplishing The

greatest of American Dreams!


Statistics like the ones above made me see the value in buying an existing business that has traversed those chopping startup waters and came out with a happy customer base, loyal employees, and a market-proven product or service. 

If you are reading this, it's because I dedicated all of my savings to search for your business. I recruited a team of capital partners who have committed to financing the purchase of your business. I recruited a team of former operators who provide advice on all parts of this transaction. And from our first conversation on, I plan to learn what you will teach me about your company to ensure the business transition is successful.

If your business is located in any city in the US, big or small, I am open to visiting your office to learn about your company. And yes, I plan to move to the city where the business is located because I believe a good CEO must be committed and local to their business.

I look forward to greeting you in person.